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Man caught with 6 pounds of marijuana at SFO security checkpoint pleads no contest to misdemeanor possession

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A man found in possession of 6 pounds of marijuana at an SFO security checkpoint stated he was a boxer who purchased the marijuana for medicinal purposes and wasn’t intending to sell it, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

On Friday, Jules Duncan Hoganallan, 29, of Oakland pleaded no contest to misdemeanor possession of concentrated cannabis and was placed on 1-year court probation in connection with the 2018 bust.

On Jan. 10 that year, Hoganallan was headed for a flight to Las Vegas when security officers discovered six vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana in his carry-on luggage as he was going through the X-ray machine, prosecutors said.

Hoganallan “stated he is a boxer and he purchased the marijuana for $2,000 and it was for medicinal purposes, not for sale,” prosecutors said.

Hoganallan was initially charged with felony intent to sell, but after the trial date was continued due to two officers being unavailable due to a medical leave (one lasting 18 months), the DA’s Office offered to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor as part of a plea bargain aimed at resolving the case.

Hoganallan’s sentence also included two days in County Jail, which he’d already served, and a $235 fine. Hoganallan has been out of custody on a $15,000 bail bond.

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CORRECTION: The headline has been adjusted to indicate the correct amount of marijuana involved in the case.