Mountain lion encountered in San Mateo backyard

Mountain lion encountered in San Mateo backyard

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A mountain lion was spotted in the backyard of a home in the 500 block of Bucknell Drive in San Mateo Wednesday morning, according to police.

“The resident observed the mountain lion standing near a recently killed racoon,” the San Mateo Police Department reported. “Upon seeing the resident, the mountain lion quickly jumped on top of a fence, remained in the area for a few moments, and then ran towards Colgate Avenue.”

SMPD officers were unable to locate the animal after a search.

The resident told police the mountain lion did not behave aggressively toward him and described the lion as the size of a large dog, about 2-feet tall, 4-feet long and weighing about 50 pounds.

“This alert is for information only and has been issued only as a precaution to our community,” police said.

The Police Department offered these tips to keep your family safe in encounters with mountain lions, which rarely approach humans:

  • Do not feed deer. It is illegal in California and it will attract mountain lions. 
  • DO NOT APPROACH a mountain lion if seen, especially one that is feeding or with offspring. Most mountain lions will try to avoid confrontation.
  • Avoid hiking or jogging through wooded areas when mountain lions are most active—dawn, dusk, or at night. 
  • Keep a close watch on small children when hiking or traveling in or about wooded areas. 
  • Do not run if you encounter a mountain lion. Instead, face the animal, make noise and try to look bigger by waving your arms; throw rocks or other objects; pick up small children. 
  • For more information about mountain lions, click

Photo courtesy of the San Mateo Police Department