San Mateo considers adjusting downtown parking rates

San Mateo considers changes to parking rates downtown

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Tonight, San Mateo City Council will consider adjusting hourly and monthly parking rates in Downtown San Mateo.

The changes include a new “Reduced Fee Parking Permit” for low-income community members set at $40 per month; reducing the hourly parking rate for S. Railroad Avenue from 5th though 9th avenues to $.25 per hour; increasing the hourly rate in the Main Street Garage from $.75 to $1.25 (same as the current rate at Central Garage); and increasing the monthly parking pass at the Main Street Garage to $100 per month (also current rate at Central Garage).

The modifications are being proposed ahead of the closure of city-owned parking lots at 4th and Claremont and 5th and Claremont, which are the lowest-cost parking facilities but will be closed in January 2022 to make way for the Downtown Affordable Housing and Parking Garage project.

“The City desires to modify the Downtown hourly parking rates and parking permit fees to
support availability of parking to low-income workers and the current uses in San Mateo,” the city resolution states. “Reducing the hourly rate for parking on S. Railroad Avenue between 5th and 9th Avenues from $0.75 to $0.25 per hour will provide lower-cost parking for those who park occasionally in the Downtown.”

A low-cost parking permit option valid at any parking garage or lot will provide an additional affordable parking for low-wage earners, the city added.

Photo courtesy of the City of San Mateo