‘We Are Stardust’ exhibition lands at Redwood City Art Kiosk 

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An otherworldly art exhibition by hometown artist Fernando Escartiz has made quite the “deep impact” at the Redwood City Art Kiosk by simulating a catastrophic meteor crashing into the site.

Entitled “We Are Stardust,” the exhibition features artistic representations of fallout from a meteor crash that has caused both Earthly destruction and cultivation. Made possible by a CZI grant and curated by Lance M. Fung, the thought-provoking exhibition is on display now through Sun., Dec. 12.

Escartiz shares in his artist statement that sometimes “the living species on this planet, and even the planet itself, have to go through a strong impact in order to be reborn.”

To the artist, a giant meteor that crashes on Earth “can represent any or all of the calamities that the planet now faces” and acts as the perfect metaphor that, via the suffering caused by a blow of enormous proportions, “it’s possible to obtain what is necessary to resurface strongly towards something spiritually superior.”

Watch a short video of “We Are Stardust” here.

Escartiz is also responsible for the 2019 installment, “Dream,” that saw the Art Kiosk adorned with symbolic Mexican spirit animals called Alebrijes.

The Art Kiosk is located on Courthouse Square at 2208 Broadway in Redwood City. Learn more about Escartiz and his work here.

Photos courtesy of Redwood City