Redwood City volunteers ‘Chase the Chill’ with winter wear donations

Redwood City volunteers ‘Chase the Chill’ with handmade winter wear donations

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Redwood City volunteers worked to “Chase the Chill” away for fellow community members by hanging handmade scarves, hats, gloves and other various sundry items around town this morning, In its 6th annual incarnation, the effort distributed almost 1,100 handmade items for keeping warm at locations throughout Redwood City.

Draped upon tree branches, fences, cow sculptures and beyond, the winter wear was carefully positioned to be noticed and included tags encouraging people who need/want them to take them.

Group volunteers had previously gathered Tuesday, Nov. 16, to tag and sort the winter items at the Community Activities Building in Redwood City. Following the event, the totals of donated handmade items were: Scarves, 496; hats, 415; masks, 159; socks, 15 pairs; gloves, one (an “awesome pair that everyone raved about,” organizer Jodi Paley posted on the Chase the Chill Facebook page). The official grand total? 1086 items to help keep locals warm.

Paley said on Facebook that “it seemed like almost everything was gone by noon” today and commended the Redwood City and San Carlos area volunteers who helped the effort by making, tagging, sorting and hanging the items. “You are an amazing, creative and caring community that I’m proud to call my home,” she added.

Chase the Chill Redwood City began in its first year (six years ago) by making scarves and asked volunteers to knit about 300, per its Facebook page. Since then, the program has branched out to include hats, socks, gloves and masks as well. Approximately 600 items per year were collected during years two through four, and last year—its fifth—the group collected about 865 handmade winter items.

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Photos credited to the Chase the Chill RWC Facebook page. View more here.