Coyote Point beach set to reopen in Spring 2022

Coyote Point beach set to reopen in Spring 2022

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In the New Year, a popular Coyote Point beach area will be accessible again following the anticipated Spring completion of the Eastern Promenade Rejuvenation Project.

Construction began in May on the new promenade, which is designed with climate change adaptations and includes a new sandy beach shaped as a crenulate bay. The project also includes a restroom building relocated near the existing restroom, and a re-configured new parking area just up the hill, the County said.

“The design will stabilize the reclaimed shoreline while the combination of a raised beach with more the 10 tons of sand and a concrete wall will protect new restrooms, beach showers, and a parking area against storms and high tides,” the County said. “Completion of the project also rejoins the eastern and western promenades, providing a continuous pedestrian and bicycle pathway that connects to the San Francisco Bay Trail.”

The project is funded through a variety of sources including $1.3 million of Measure K funds, a half-cent sales tax approved by County voters in 2016.

For more information about the project, go here.

Photos courtesy of San Mateo County Parks