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Survey results reveal residents’ take on Redwood City living

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Results from a December 2021 Community Satisfaction Survey conducted by EMC Research, a national opinion research firm, found that respondents consider Redwood City to be exceling at welcoming all people and providing services, and list key concerns as affordable housing, homelessness and traffic, according to the City of Redwood City.

The survey looked to measure residents’ views and satisfaction levels regarding various City services, including the City Council’s key priorities, as well as feedback on the City’s COVID-19 response and public safety/policing. The last such survey was conducted in 2019; the current one also looks closely at changes and trends.

Respondents indicated that the most important issue the city is facing is affordable housing (24 percent of all respondents), with homelessness (14 percent) following as a second key issue.

Mayor of Redwood City Giselle Hale said that providing housing for everyone in the community is the City Council’s “top priority,” and that the City’s Safe RV Parking program “is putting residents on a path to permanent housing.” She underscored that the City has applied for a $1.8 million grant “to address encampments along the Woodside Road/Seaport Blvd. and 101 corridors.”

Survey results also revealed that the majority of respondents are satisfied with the city’s overall safety, downtown safety, police community presence and neighborhood patrols. An overwhelming majority of residents are happy with fire protection, emergency medical response and “most indicate positive interactions with both police and fire departments,” per the City. Residents, regardless of socio-economic background, indicated they are comfortable contacting the police and the concept of civilian workers responding to homelessness and mental health-related emergency calls is also widely accepted.

Other highlights from the survey showed that: 88 percent of residents are satisfied with the City’s response to COVID-19; 79 percent of residents are happy with the quality of life; 78 percent believe the city is welcoming to all people; 55 percent think there’s a somewhat strong sense of community; and 73 percent are happy with the City’s performance providing services.

The survey also indicated that residents are highly satisfied with libraries and parks and recreation services, while three-quarters feel similarly about its youth programming.

The City Council received a presentation on the aforementioned results from RMC Research during a Study Session on Mon., Jan. 24; the survey was given in English/Spanish and six hundred interviews were conducted. To view the staff report, top-line survey results and video recording from the Jan. 24 City Council meeting (agenda item 8.A), click here.