Stulsaft Park's new mural reflects park's biodiversity

New mural at Stulsaft Park reflects park’s biodiversity

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A new mural has been created at Stulsaft Park.

Bay Area artist John Osgood created the mural on a storage container located within the Recreation Way parking lot, the Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services reported in its newsletter today.

Osgood’s mural was selected by the Redwood City Arts Commission with help from Grassroots Ecology and neighbors and park users who are part of the Stulsaft Park Champions.

“John’s mural purposefully reflects the incredible biodiversity within Stulsaft Park,” the city said. “The new mural includes the plants and animals of the ‘Serpentine Grass Zone,’ the ‘Serpentine Oak woodland area,’ and the ‘Riparian habitat’ of Stulsaft Park.”

The mural was expected to be completed by or around Feb. 4.

Photo courtesy of Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services.