Teen speeding on El Camino Real says he was 'late to school'

Teen caught going 60 mph on El Camino Real was ‘late for school’

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A 17-year-old driver pulled over for going 60 mph on El Camino Real told police he was late for school.

The teen was driving with a provisional license when he was stopped by an officer who had clocked his speed this morning, according to the San Mateo Police Department.

“The lad admitted to accelerating to approximately 80 mph when he noticed ‘lights and sirens’ catching up to him,” police said. “When asked to explain his behavior, he said he was running late to school.”

He was cited for driving at an unsafe speed and for a provisional drivers license violation, as he was alone in the vehicle.

The teen’s mother was summoned to pick up her son and the vehicle and was warned that allowing her unlicensed son to drive her vehicle was a crime that could result in legal action against her, police said.

Photo courtesy of the San Mateo Police Department