San Mateo County adopts Simplicity app

San Mateo County adopts Simplicity app

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San Mateo County is connecting residents with important information, announcements and events via the Simplicity app.

The free app doesn’t require residents to create an account to receive updates from the County or their participating city of residence. Users can download the Simplicity app from the Google Play or Apple App stores, choose their city of residence, notification preferences and various topics such as health updates, public safety information, schools and upcoming local events.

Last year, Menlo Park was the first city to adopt the Simplicity app. Other County cities have followed including Burlingame, Colma, Foster City, Hillsborough, Atherton and East Palo Alto.

According to the company, Simplicity is a local social network accessibly only to city communities, public agencies and people living within the city. There are no ads, nor does it collect personal data. The app is available only to verified city communities and organizations.

“It is great that the County of San Mateo has one more tool to reach our residents with important news, events and even emergency alerts. I encourage all county residents to sign up through their city of residence and follow the County so that we can all be better connected through a trusted channel,” said County Manager Mike Callagy.

Added Simplicity co-founder Juraj Gago, “It’s incredibly rewarding to see how residents are growing closer and stronger simply by being updated in a timely way on what’s happening in their communities” said Simplicity co-founder Juraj Gago.

Upcoming Simplicity features include Spanish translation, a pet directory and community funds. Using the pet directory, for example, residents can upload the names and photos of their animal companions, and notify the community in case they are lost – or in case they find someone else’s lost pet.

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