Are Redwood City residents interested in a residential recycled water fill station

Redwood City residents are being surveyed about their interest in a recycled water fill station

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Redwood City residents are being asked to respond to a survey about their interest in having access to a residential recycled water fill station.

The station would provide recycled water that could be used for landscape irrigation, ornamental water features and washdown, enabling preservation of potable water supplies.

In the survey, city officials ask how often per week residents would plan to pick up recycled water, what days of the week would work best, how much recycled water they would plan to pick up and whether they would still participate if they were charged a small fee in their utility bill for the program. To take the survey, go here.

Redwood City is in the midst of the second phase of an expansion of the city’s recycled water system, which will “bring recycled water pipes west of Highway 101 towards Downtown Redwood City.” It followed the first phase to expand the city’s recycled water system along the eastern edge of Highway 101, which ran from 2005 to 2010 and added two tertiary treatment facilities, two 2.2 million gallon storage tanks, a distribution pump station and 17 miles of distribution pipelines. The first phase currently supplies recycled water to 450 points of connection, including to Oracle, Electronic Arts, HOAs, the Redwood City Police Station, Port of Redwood City and SIMS Metal.

Parts of phase two have been completed, including extension of the recycled water system along Walnut Street from Highway 101 to Marshall Street, as well as an extension of the system along East Bayshore Road from Seaport Boulevard to Douglas Avenue across Highway 101, to service the Stanford in Redwood City project along Broadway, according to the city.

For more information, visit the city’s recycled water webpage here.

Photo courtesy of the city