Grass fire caused by illegal fireworks

Grass fire caused by illegal firework, Cal Fire says

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A grass fire in the area of Highway 92 and the Cañada Road exit on Saturday was determined to be caused by an illegal firework, according to Cal Fire.

Firefighters responded to the area about 6 p.m. and quickly extinguished the blaze, keeping it to a half-acre.

At the time, winds were light, estimated at less than 10 mph, and the fire was surrounded by roads, which helped keep it boxed in, Cal Fire CZU Division Chief Rich Sampson said.

Ultimately, it could have been a lot worse. Fire officials warned that vegetation in the region is “critically dry.” Historically low fuel moistures for this time of year means setting off fireworks could have a devastating effect.

“…As the weather warms up, and we get closer to the 4th of July, vegetation will continue to dry out,” Chief Sampson said. “It is concerning that we had a fireworks-related fire this early in the season. This provides further evidence that the vegetation is extremely dry and receptive to fire.”

Sampson further warned that fireworks are illegal to purchase, possess and use in San Mateo County and that fines can reach $1,000. Those using fireworks and their gaurdians can be held liable for any damages, Sampson said.

Photos courtesy of Cal Fire