Zoppe Circus returns to Redwood City Oct. 7

Zoppé Circus returns to Redwood City on Oct. 7

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The Zoppé Italian Family Circus is returning to Downtown Redwood City on Friday, Oct. 7.

Matinee and evening shows are coming to the authentic one-ring circus tent in the Main Library Parking Lot, 1044 Middlefield Road, Redwood City.

To purchase tickets, go here.

This year’s circus theme is Liberta.

Here’s the city’s description of what’s to come:

“This year, the Zoppé Circus brings thrilling new acts, where you will be wowed by the Kamorov Cossack Horseback riders; amazed by Alek Alegria Ramos, trapeze artist; inspired by the Kaloleni Acrobats from Kenya; on the edge of your seat with Jim Decker on the highwire; impressed by Gabriella Zerbini’s new dog act; breathless from Brayan Portugal’s Ladder of Death; delighted with new Ring Master Henry Lowrance; awed by Mia Riley and her Liberty Pony, especially amused by the antics of Nino the Clown; and there’s even more to discover and enjoy!”

For more information, visit the city’s website here.