Redwood City invites community input on regulating firearm retailers in city

Redwood City minimum wage to rise to $17 per hour

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On Jan. 1, the minimum hourly wage in Redwood City will increase from $16.20 to $17 for all businesses within city limits and any employee working at least two or more hours per week.

Responding to increased inflation, the City Council amended the current minimum wage ordinance last fall to set a 5 percent cap on the annual increase in the minimum wage, to include a Consumer Price Index catch-up provision to allow wages to realign with inflation in later years, and rounds the wage to the nearest five cents, according to the city.

Redwood City set a new minimum wage ordinance in 2017 that was more accelerated than the state’s due to the high cost of living in the city. In 2019, the minimum wage was $13.50. In 2022, it increased to $16.20, which is $15 per hour plus the 2020 consumer price index.