Company that connects teens to odd jobs entering Redwood City

Company that connects teens to odd jobs entering Redwood City

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A company that works to connect teenagers to odd jobs in their community such as yardwork, babysitting or pet-sitting is set to enter Redwood City.

TeenJobFind, which launched in Palo Alto, provides a mobile app that allows community members to post jobs that can be worked by local teenagers. At a recent Redwood City council meeting, founder Janet Shah said the platform already has a couple hundred people as it expands beyond Palo Alto.

“We are working closely with high schools, trying to bring back that sense of community,” Shah said.

The company aims to provide a safe marketplace by vetting both the teens and the job posters who use its app, which includes iPhone and Android versions. TeenJobFind collects a service fee for every job performed that it uses in part to perform background checks on people using the platform.

“Teens are required to have a guardian, parent, as well as a reference,” Shah said. “And their parents or guardian have to approve every job.”

Currently, there are a few Redwood City job posters and teens using the platform and Shah is looking to expand in the community.

“Would love your help in getting the word out there and getting people involved,” she told council.

Photo courtesy of TeenJobFind’s Facebook page.