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Redwood City wants more say in Dumbarton Corridor study

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Redwood City wants to be a more active partner in the ongoing process to establish and implement traffic relief improvements projects along the Dumbarton Corridor.

At its meeting Monday, Redwood City’s council voted in favor of sending a letter to SamTrans executive director Jim Hartnett requesting more than just updates when it comes to proposals being eyed to change the Dumbarton Bridge (Highway 84) and its approaches, as well as to possibly rehabilitate and repurpose the Dumbarton rail bridge for transit use.

SamTrans staff recently presented proposals from the 2016-launched Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study to the Redwood City Council. While the presentation was appreciated, city officials say they want more involvement in any proposed project that would impact Redwood City, according to Mayor Ian Bain’s letter to SamTrans.

The study’s proposed alternatives include adding express lanes to the highway bridge and increasing bus service to local cities including Redwood City. It also includes building a commuter rail shuttle between Union City BART and Redwood City Caltrain, and possibly a bicycle and pedestrian multiuse path options on the Dumbarton rail line from Redwood City to East Palo Alto.

As the transportation project moves forward in its vetting process, Mayor Bain’s letter requests that Redwood City and other impacted local cities become “active participants in the technical and outreach work and in the decision-making process.”

Along with requests to form active committees involving participating jurisdictions, including East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and San Mateo County, Bain’s letter calls for the Dumbarton Corridor study to examine impacts of a rail shuttle on the roadway network and the Redwood City transit center, as well as how it would be compatible with future streetcar service in Redwood City.

The study should also include the feasibility of a bike-ped corridor from East Palo Alto to Redwood City along the rail right-of-way, according to Redwood City officials.  Additionally, the city asks to be reimbursed for staff and consultant time while participating in the planning process.

To read the full Dumbarton Transportation Corridor study, go here.