Highlight: Aili Ice Designs

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The growth and development in downtown Redwood City hasn’t upended the balance of nature at Alili Ice Designs.

Judging by the full-service florist’s shop at 2363 Broadway, the business still strikes that natural balance with exotic floral arrangements, healing crystals and more.

Alili Ice Designs has been in business for 14 years, including four in its current downtown space. That’s enough time to see the transformation happening downtown. But Becky Medina, the director of operations for Alili Ice Designs, said that has only added to her clientele.

The store, which employs seven and prides itself on creating floral arrangements with a great deal of thought and heart, specializes in corporate events and hosting classes and workshops. For example, bridal parties come often to take classes on floral arrangements, while the Leadership group from Gilead recently participated in a teambuilding workshop.

Aili Ice Designs is one several local businesses Climate Online will visit as we look to highlight local shops providing worthwhile services to the community.

Photo Courtesy of Aili Ice Designs


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