Redwood City council approves increasing fines for fireworks use

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The Redwood City council on Monday approved hiking fines for using fireworks in the city along with public outreach campaigns warning against using them.

The vote followed a presentation by Redwood City Fire Department Chief Stan Maupin, who said fireworks are being ignited in the city throughout the year, not just during holidays such as the Fourth of July. The sale and use of all fireworks are prohibited in the city.

Monday’s council vote will increase the current fine for the first fireworks use violation from $50 to $500. A second offense within a year, currently a $100 fine, is going up to $750. The third offense within 12 months is rising from $500 to $1,000. As part of Monday’s decision, a communications campaign warning people about the dangers and the heightened fines related to illegal fireworks, via the media, social media mailers, flyers, physical signage etc.

Council and the fire chief expressed hope the increased fines and public outreach will ultimately deter and reduce fireworks use, which is difficult for police to enforce. Read more background on this issue in our report from before the council vote.