Mt. Carmel building restrictions mulled to maintain neighborhood's character

Historic District status considered for Mt. Carmel neighborhood

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Should the Mt. Carmel neighborhood be designated as a Historic District?

The city is looking into that question, and you’re invited to help them answer it.

A public hearing has been set for the July 23 City Council meeting about the proposal to give Historic District status for Mt. Carmel, which is located across El Camino from downtown.

As the city explained, “…community members have shared that there have been several ‘teardowns’ of older homes throughout Redwood City, some of which have been in the Mt. Carmel neighborhood. … Neighborhood residents have expressed concern that tear down of older homes, plus the building new, larger homes, could negatively affect the historical charm of the Mt. Carmel neighborhood.  While making the neighborhood a historic district cannot prevent teardowns completely, it would provide greater context for the review of proposals.”

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  1. While I certainly agree preserving truly historic buildings is an important priority (I love and frequent the south end of Broadway), historic designation is also a tactic frequently used by NIMBYs to ensure nothing can be built in their neighborhood. I hope that whoever is making these decisions will carefully consider the downsides to declaring entire sections of our city historic, and therefore off limits for additional housing. Certainly there are beautiful old buildings that merit preservation. But merely being older than other neighborhoods doesn’t meet this test.

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