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Political Climate with Mark Simon: Climate joining Redeemer Lutheran, Peninsula TV, to host council candidate forums

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Climate Magazine, Redeemer Lutheran Church of Redwood City and Peninsula TV are set to host two forums for the seven candidates running for the Redwood City Council.

Co-hosted by Redeemer Lutheran, the forums will be open to the public and efforts are underway to have the events recorded and later aired on Peninsula TV. We expect the public forums will allow members of the audience to pose questions directly to the candidates.

We are delighted to work with Jim Gordon and Redeemer Lutheran, a venerated local institution. In each of the last four city council elections, Gordon and Redeemer Lutheran have hosted a candidates’ forum and they are well established as fair and informative events.

Dates, times, locations and formats are under discussion and as details become available, be assured we will widely disperse them.

“This is a critical election year and we believe these community forums will provide an important community service,” said Adam Alberti, publisher of Climate Magazine and ClimateRWC online. “We are thrilled to partner with a well-established community organization like Redeemer Lutheran.”

Efforts also have begun to schedule the candidates for a special one-hour edition of The Game, the Peninsula TV public affairs show I co-host with Assemblyman Kevin Mullin.

In addition to co-hosting the TV show, it is likely I will moderate the public forum.

Both of these events are an opportunity to hear from the candidates directly, to allow them to respond to questions and to react to comments made by their fellow candidates.

We want to afford the candidates the opportunity to distinguish themselves in these forums – to make clear the significant differences between them in how they will lead the city into the future.

We want each of them to be able to put their best foot forward.

SIGNING OFF: Someone will always be unhappy when there is a change in the landscape and the removal of the Ampex sign from its home alongside Highway 101 appears to be no exception.

Ampex has been gone from Redwood City for 22 years, and it was a shadow of its former glory when it abandoned its 10-building, 46-acre site, which since has been torn down and rebuilt, largely by Stanford Health Care and Stanford University. At one point, Ampex employed 13,000 workers, including 3,000 in Redwood City. When it left town, it was down to 350 employees.

So, what does that make the sign? A landmark? Or just a sign?

If Ampex was just coming to town, would the same people trying to save the sign see the new sign as a landmark? Or just a sign?

By the way, Ampex is a combination of the initials of the founder, Alexander M. Poniatoff, and the first two letters in the word Excellence. This kind of word construction is known as a portmanteau, a word so cool that it’s the only reason I told you about the origin of the name.

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*The opinions expressed in this column are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Climate Online.


  1. Yup, you wouldn’t want to mention in your Ampex write-up that our HIstoric Resources Advisory Committee, Planning Commission and City Council all agreed that the sign was a historic resource worth protecting and preserving, would ya? It is so much more entertaining to say “someone will always be unhappy”.

  2. My mistake. Council did not deem the sign a historic resource.

    That said, think that the public would be better served if you disclosed that Singer Assoc execs are the funding source for Climate Magazine and that Stanford/Stanford Health Care are clients of Singer Assoc. I’m suprised this needs to be pointed out to a reporter of such high caliber.

  3. They could decide what goes in the Magazine.
    But in any case regarding the Ampex sign, per the Historic Advisory board and the Planning Commission both recommended to the Council that it had historical significance to the local Redwood City and surrounding area.
    As Mark Simon states how the letters and name came about for Ampex is interesting.
    Also Ampex magnetic tapes were used during the historic moon landing.
    Hopefully the existing Redwood City Council will find a way to reerect the sign somewhere in the same area along Highway 101 within Redwood City.

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