Port of Redwood City to demolish, replace public fishing pier

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Some good news for local fishermen: The Port of Redwood City has released a request for proposals from professional engineering consulting firms to develop plans to demolish and replace the public fishing pier and walkway located adjacent to the Seaport Conference Center at 459 Seaport Court in Redwood City.

“The public fishing pier is open to the public and one of many public waterfront amenities that the Port offers,” according to the Port.

The project will further enhance improvements completed in 2015 to the shoreline pathway between the Seaport Conference Center and the public fishing pier, according to the Port.

The Port aims for the selected engineering consulting firm to start work in February next year.  Proposals are due Jan. 11.

The new public fishing pier must comply with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The pier rebuild project includes construction of a “new separate gangway, abutment and utilities providing access and services to the Redwood Landing Marina,” the city said.

The public pier replacement project is the result of a special condition requiring public access improvements connected to the permit issued by the Bay Conservation & Development Commission in 2012.

Photo: Port of Redwood City