Rooster brought to Redwood City vet with highly contagious disease

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A rooster brought into a veterinary clinic in Redwood City tested positive for a disease that does not pose a risk to humans, but is highly contagious and fatal for poultry, San Mateo County officials announced today.

The Virulent Newcastle disease is presently under eradication in Southern California after being found there last year. The rooster brought to the Redwood City clinic had been brought over from Alameda County, shifting the investigation there, officials said after interviewing its owner.

“Why the bird was brought to Redwood City is a matter of speculation, but local and state agriculture officials do not believe Virulent Newcastle disease is present in San Mateo County,” the county’s statement said.

San Mateo County has small, relatively isolated poultry operations. Still, poultry and egg producers are being alerted, and anyone with chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese etc. should be observant about the health of their birds, the county says.

“They should purchase birds only from legitimate and reputable hatcheries and breeding operations, implement quarantine protocols before introducing new birds into flocks, and employ biosecurity measures as Virulent Newcastle disease can be carried long distances by waterfowl and other susceptible birds,” the county statement said. “Do not transport any poultry, unless you have confirmed it is not an area under quarantine.”

Those suspecting a flock may be affected, please call the Sick Bird Hotline at 866-922-2473