City responds to complaints about broken traffic signal

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When will they repair the broken traffic signal at Hudson Street and Jefferson Avenue? A lot of people have been wanting to know for a few weeks.

Today, the city released its second statement in a week on Facebook: The issue is estimated to take till the end of the month to resolve.

The city put out this statement today:

“Last week, the City provided a brief update on the traffic signal at Hudson and Jefferson, noting that City staff from various departments are actively working on a solution with PG&E. The City understands that traffic impacts are occurring because of PG&E related issues causing power fluctuations at this traffic signal. PG&E is working on a longer-term solution to fix the signal light power issues. They are estimating this could take until the end of the month to resolve. All of the traffic signals and streetlights at this intersection are LEDs, and are unrelated to the issue. City staff is working on a short-term solution using a battery pack to power the signal during the day, and returning the signal to flash overnight so that the battery pack can recharge. Staff estimates this short-term solution will be in place next week. The City will share more information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and please avoid traveling in this area, if possible.”

For several weeks, residents have inquired over the reason for the persistent use of a flashing red light at the intersection. A number of residents took to the Facebook page, Redwood City Residents Say: “What”, to raise concerns and frustrations about an unusual delay in repairs. A few took the initiative to call the city manager’s office (in this thread) and mayor (in this thread) for answers.