Cal Fire grant means 129 new trees for Redwood City

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The all-volunteer organization CityTrees has received a $42,300 contribution from the Cal Fire Social Equity Grant Improvement Program to plant and maintain 129 street trees in a Redwood City neighborhood and at six local high schools.

Fifty-eight trees will be planted on the campuses of six schools in the Sequoia Union High School District, while another 71 trees will be planted in the city’s Stambaugh-Heller neighborhood, according to CityTrees, which since its founding in 2000 has added over 3,300 trees in Redwood City, with the main goal of improving the quality of life in the area.

Schools receiving new trees thanks to the grant include Woodside (3 Crepe Myrtle, 10 Coast Redwood, 1 Chinese pistache), Sequoia (11 Live Oak, 6 Crepe Myrtle, 2 Coast Redwood), Menlo-Atherton (2 European white birch, 3 Gingkos, 1 Live Oak), Everest (4 Coast Redwoods), Palo Alto Academy (1 Coast Redwood, 2 Live Oaks, 1 Gingko), and Carlmont (7 Crepe myrtle, 2 Live Oak and 2 European White Birch).

Distributed by California ReLeaf, the Cal Fire grant is aimed at combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gases, and also intended to benefit disadvantaged neighborhoods. The new trees will both beautify the neighborhood and high school campuses and reduce 500 tons of greenhouse gases from the air during their lifespan of 40-50 years, according to CityTrees.

New trees will also serve to replace a current generation of aging trees, the organization said.

CityTrees is again partnering with Redwood City’s Department of Public Works on the neighborhood plantings and will also provide educational seminars describing the importance of tree care and maintenance.

High school students will assist at planting and pruning events and will benefit from an annual educational seminar, the organization said.

In fact, all community members are welcome to help at upcoming planting and pruning events. The next event is on Sept. 7. To volunteer at plantings on this project, sign up here.