Zoppe Circus to return to Redwood City for four weeks

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The Zoppé Italian Family Circus is set to return to Redwood City’s Morton Park from Oct. 10 through Nov. 3.

Founded in Venice, Italy in 1842, the touring circus has been setting up its one-ring tent in Redwood City annually since 2008. It’s popularity has seen it grow from two weeks of shows to three weeks in 2013. Last year, a fourth week was added and city officials say the circus “continues to receive rave reviews.”

At its meeting Monday, the Redwood City council approved a plan to spend $205,000 in city funds for the circus to return this fall for another four weeks. The city’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services staff works to host and coordinate the operations for Zoppe Circus.

Based upon last year, when over 13,300 tickets to 27 shows were sold, revenue to the city this year is estimated at $270,000.

“With the continued use of the ticket pricing structure with lower rates for midweek performances and higher rates for traditionally filled weekend performances, we expect to maximize revenue to ensure that all costs are covered,” the city’s report states.

The report added, “The addition of a family friendly program at the end of October helped to extend the season of events, and provided an incredible draw to Redwood City.”

A quick description of the circus, courtesy of the city’s website:

“The Zoppé Family Circus welcomes guests into an authentic one-ring circus tent, which honors the best history of the Old-World Italian tradition. Starring Nino the clown, and featuring his son Julien, the circus is propelled by a central story (as opposed to individual acts) that showcases acrobatic feats, equestrian showmanship, canine capers, clowning and plenty of audience participation. The Circus evokes something from a picture book: the clown, the trapeze, the dancing dogs, the ring and the tent, created to be reminiscent of the one-ring European family circuses of the last century and will thrill and amaze children and adults alike with its breathtaking stunts and astonishing acrobatics.”

Photo credit: Zoppé Italian Family Circus Facebook page.