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San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office warns about scammers capitalizing on coronavirus

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Scammers are already trying to take advantage during the coronavirus pandemic.

New phone and internet scams have been “popping up within the past week,” according to San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jake Trickett.

Scam emails and websites are promising vital information about coronavirus, or COVID-19, that may also come with malware, disinformation and attempts to steal passwords and personal information, Trickett said.

Don’t buy into advice from unknown sources. Trickett advises the public to get their information about the pandemic at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, or  the San Mateo County Health Department website.

“Additionally, if someone calls you saying they’re with the Sheriff’s Office asking for money – it’s a scam,” Trickett said, adding the sheriff’s office would never ask for money and that you should not provide anything of value, including personal information.