San Mateo County preliminary election results

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As of Wednesday morning, the San Mateo County Elections Office had received 29,678 Vote Center ballots and 301,257 Vote by Mail ballots for the Nov. 3 Presidential Election.

“We’ll have an update for those numbers around 4 pm today,” county officials said.

The Elections Office has released preliminary results but there remains many ballots left to count. Some results could take up to 30 days to finalize, officials said.

Still, some winners have already been declared.

Incumbent Congressmembers Jackie Speier (14th District) and Anna Eshoo (18th District) have been reelected, as has State Sen. Scott Wiener (11th District). Josh Becker also won convincingly over Republican challenger Alex Glew for State Senator, 13th District.

In Redwood City, Jeff Gee (2,573 votes) is returning to city council after securing a victory over Nancy Radcliffe (1,449 votes) in District 1, and unopposed Michael Smith (1,316 votes) will become councilmember for District 4 in the city’s first try at a district-election format. Incumbent Alicia Aguirre (2,337 votes) appears en route to holding off challenger Chris Rasmussen (1,762) in District 7. Meanwhile, District 3 remains too close to call, with Lisette Espinoza-Garnica (763) leading by just 17 votes over incumbent Janet Borgens (746).

In San Carlos, two vote-getters Ron Collins (7,469 votes) and John Dugan (6,385) appear to have secured the two open spots on City Council.

In San Mateo, incumbents Diane Papan (19,422 votes) and Amourence Lee (16,866) appear to have retained the two open City Council seats, with Lisa Diaz Nash trailing with 12,450 votes.

As for important local measures, competing San Mateo height-limit measures Y and R are both trailing by relatively small margins, with Y currently losing by just 375 votes (16,233 yes, 15,858 no) and R by 2,201 votes (17,049 no, 14,848 yes).

Meanwhile, Measure RR, which will provide a dedicated source of sales-tax revenue to fund Caltrain operations and enhancements, appears on its way to passing, with 72 percent support in San Mateo County, 74 percent support in San Francisco County and 67 percent support in Santa Clara County, as of Wednesday’s tally.

The current results include all Vote Center ballots, as well as all Vote-by-Mail ballots received in the mail on or before Oct. 28 and or returned to Vote Centers and Drop Boxes on or before Oct. 28.

Not included are results received in the mail, or dropped off at Voter Centers and Drop Boxes, after Oct. 28, and also conditional voter registration or provisional ballots.

Additional results will next be released Thursday, Nov. 5, then after that Nov. 9, Nov. 11, Nov. 13, Nov. 16, Nov. 18, Nov. 20, Nov. 23, Nov. 25 and Nov. 30.

Photo credit: San Mateo County