Redwood City proposes solid waste rate increases

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Redwood City is proposing to increase solid waste disposal rates by $1 per month for residential customers with 20-gallon or 32-gallon carts, which account for bout 86 percent of city customers.

The $1 increase — which would mean a 20-gallon cart would cost $16.87 per cart and a 30-gallon cart $33.86 per cart, applies to regular, scheduled, basic collection of residential solid waste and recyclable materials. The city’s proposal also calls for a 2.57 percent increase for unscheduled solid waste services.

If the rate change is approved, Redwood City would remain as the fourth highest 20 gallon cart cost of 14 County jurisdictions, while it will remain the fifth highest cost for the 32 gallon.

The City Council will consider the rate increases at its Feb. 22 meeting, and if approved they will go into effect on March 1.

“The proposed rate change is needed to proportionately allocate increased collection costs, including but not limited to disposal and processing fees, labor costs, fuel and power costs, and other associated operating and maintenance costs, to the rates paid by each customer class,” the city stated. “Rather than increasing solid waste rates drastically in a one-year time span, the City is proposing small increases over time to help reduce the impact to residents.”

Learn more about the proposed rate increase here

Photo credit: City of Redwood City