Burlingame park tree stump transforming into little house

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A tree stump in Washington Park in Burlingame is being carved into a little house.

The Burlingame Parks & Recreation department released photos of the apparent art project on Facebook, adding, “Surprise, there’s a special house being built in Washington Park, have you seen it? Join the fun as it gets built, more details will be shared.”

Parks & Rec encouraged community members to visit its Facebook page for updates.

The house has been somewhat secretive. At the Jan. 21 Parks & Recreation Commission meeting, Director Margaret Glomstad briefly mentioned the project.

“I’m only going to say a little bit, and then we will see if you can figure out what it is later,” Glomstad said. “We’re building a house in Washington Park. It’s in the west end, and that’s all I’m going to say. More to come, there’ll be a story.”

Photos courtesy of Burlingame Parks & Recreation