San Mateo County taking over operations of branch in Redwood City, will give it new name

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San Mateo County Libraries will take over operations of the Fair Oaks Branch Library from the City of Redwood City starting March 15, as part of a plan to increase public service hours of operation and to expand programs at the branch, according to library officials. The library, which will become the 13th in the San Mateo County Libraries family, will also be renamed to North Fair Oaks Library.

It’s part of a new cost-sharing agreement between the City of Redwood City and San Mateo County Library Joint Powers Authority that will extend the minimum number of weekly service hours at the North Fair Oaks branch from 50 to 60.

On Feb. 22, Redwood City City Council approved the transfer of operations to the County. Library patrons won’t notice many differences, as the branch will remain part of the Peninsula Library System, and Redwood City Public Library will continue to support and partner with the school district in the North Fair Oaks neighborhood.

However, there will be new curbside service hours starting March 16, Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m.–4 p.m. There will also be new staff at North Fair Oaks Library (current staff will remain employed in other Redwood City Public Library locations), library card numbers will change and “you will now have access to San Mateo County Libraries online resources” along with materials at Redwood City Libraries and throughout the county.

“The County will continue to own and maintain the building as it has since 1995 when the County and City partnered to jointly fund the new library,” Library officials said.

Photo credit: City of Redwood City