Art with Heart: Foundation announces winners of Racial Justice Poster Contest

Art with Heart: Foundation announces winners of Racial Justice Poster Contest

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The Community Foundation of San Carlos, an organization amplifying the work of nonprofits serving those who live, work, play or learn in San Carlos via grants—has unveiled the winners of its inaugural “Racial Justice Poster Contest.” The ultimate “art with heart” contest invited community members to submit poster design entries in age categories spanning from Kindergarten through adult, with the organization first announcing the winners March 21, the International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Winners received a gift certificate for art supplies and also were able to select a racial justice-centric nonprofit to receive a $500 donation from the foundation. Poster contest winners included:

K-Fourth Grade: Maya Olsen, third grader at San Carlos Charter. Artwork Title: Racial Love. Racial Justice Donation: ACLU.

Middle School: Amalia Khaydarova, seventh grader at Graham Middle School. Artwork Title: No More. Racial Justice Donation: Californians for Justice.

High School: Hannah Esme Delizo, ninth grader at Sequoia High School. Artwork Title: There is Always Light (A Tribute to Amanda Gorman). Racial Justice Donation: Bay Area Community Health Advisory Committee (BACHAC).

Adult Category: Rosey Morearty, recent graduate of UC Davis. Artwork Title: Chinedu Okobi. Racial Justice Donation: ACLU.

According to Hannah Esme Delizo, winner of the competition’s high school category, “Amanda Gorman’s speech during President Biden and Vice-President Harris’ inauguration inspired me. It takes a lot of courage to deliver a speech to an entire country where almost half didn’t really want to hear it. Amanda’s speech made me feel empowered and hopeful as a person of color.”

BACHAC, the nonprofit that was chosen by Delizo and where she frequently volunteers, indicated that the donation from the foundation will enable it “to make and give out over 330 PPE bags, which will last about 4-5 weeks,” per its Executive Director Lisa Tealer.

All Racial Justice Poster Contest entries can be viewed here. Learn more about the Community Foundation of San Carlos at or email