Professional soccer club launching in Redwood City

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A professional soccer club is set to call Redwood City home in 2022.

The Bay Cities Football Club (Bay Cities F.C.) has an agreement to play in the 3,500-seat stadium on the Sequoia High campus, according to a statement by Bay Cities LLC, which has applied for the club to join the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA). In the future, the club plans to invest in upgrades to add seating and professional amenities to the stadium.

In a statement, the clubs also announced plans to join NISA’s Division 3 league of the U.S. professional soccer pyramid and “disrupt the model of talent development in the U.S.” by signing and growing players between the ages of 16-18. Tryouts are ongoing, with the next scheduled for Wednesday, April 21. The club plans to field both men’s and women’s teams.

“These players will have the opportunity to play alongside professionals, which in turn will help speed up their development and prepare them to compete at higher levels,” according to the club.

While the first league game isn’t scheduled until next year, the club will commence operations in late-Spring this year, with a Summer Tour schedule of regional matches and a NISA-sanctioned tournament, according to Bay Cities LLC.

“We are excited to bring a new professional team to downtown Redwood City and the soccer-crazed San Francisco Peninsula,” says Anders Perez, co-founder and President of Bay Cities F.C. “Our goal is to deliver an exciting soccer experience to our new fanbase while building a grassroots organization that affects positive change for our youth and greater community.”

Bay Cities F.C. states its mission is “to bridge communities, regardless of social or economic background, and create tangible opportunities for top youth soccer players in the Bay Area who have a desire to play soccer professionally.”

NISA Executive Vice President Josh Prutch said his organization is “focused on re-establishing a presence in Northern California.”

“We are eager to bring our principles of an open system to the Bay Area community,” Prutch said, adding, “Bay Cities F.C. shares our perspective on growth, development and connection with community.”

While developing players, Bay Cities F.C. aims to drive economic and cultural value to Redwood City, bringing new local jobs, apprenticeships and mentorships for local youth. For more information, visit the Bay Cities F.C. website here.

Photo credited to Bay Cities F.C.