PCE pilot program aims to incentivize EV use among Lyft drivers

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Peninsula Clean Energy announced a pilot program that aims to expand Lyft’s electric vehicle usage in San Mateo County.

As part of the new Ride-Hail Electrification Pilot Program — a partnership with Lyft and its rental car partner Flexdrive, which enables Lyft drivers to rent vehicles rather than use their own — PCE  is providing $500,000 to offer rental incentives to drivers, aiming to make the cost of renting an EV comparable to a gasoline-powered vehicle, according to PCE.

“The program will also ensure EV onboarding for drivers; collect detailed driver utilization and charging data that can better inform and facilitate further expansion among the ride-hailing fleet; and test and help create recommendations for further efforts,” according to PCE.

The goal is to expand EV use to roughly 100 Lyft vehicles used in San Mateo County, which would prevent 200,000 gallons of gas usage, reducing gas usage and saving ride-hail drivers more than $750,000 in combined cost, according to PCE.

Lyft has set a goal of reaching 100 percent electric vehicle-usage by 2030, said Jon Walker, Sustainability Policy Manager, Lyft.

“Through this program, we can make EVs more accessible and help ensure that their benefits are distributed equitably and experienced by drivers and communities,” Walker said.

Photo credit: Pexels