Millbrae counilmember attacked in San Francisco

Millbrae councilmember ‘violently attacked’ at San Francisco’s Land End

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Anders Fung, a Millbrae councilmember, is calling for a stop to “senseless violence and hateful acts” after such an act was done to him in San Francisco over the weekend.

Fung reported on Facebook that he was on a hike with his family at Land’s End Saturday evening when two young men in hoodies intentionally dropped a concrete block from atop the cliff that struck him in the head. The individuals reportedly continued to throw things at him.

“When my family confronted the perpetrators demanding them to stop, one of them gave my family an obscene hand gesture before fleeing the crime scene,” Fung said.

Fung said he sustained a head injury with a 2-inch laceration, and a cervical disc herniation around his neck.

“The pain is severe but I am expected to have a full recovery,” Fung said.

Attacks on Asian Americans have skyrocketed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We must stand firm against all senseless violence and hate,” said Fung, an Asian American born in Hong Kong. “Our people deserve a safe living environment.”

The US Park Police are still searching for the suspects.

Object reportedly dropped onto Millbrae Councilmember Anders Fung.