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Speed humps approved for five Redwood City streets

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Speed humps are coming soon to a number of Redwood City streets as part of a traffic calming project.

On Monday, the City Council approved a contract of up to $605,550 with R & M Paving Contractors, Inc. to install speed humps on these five two-lane streets:

  • Hudson Street from Hopkins Avenue to Jefferson Avenue
  • Hazel Avenue from Woodside Avenue to El Camino Real
  • Oak Avenue from Valota Road to Hudson Street
  • Canyon Road from Oak Knoll Drive to Highland Avenue
  • Edgewood Road from Melrose Place to Wellesley Crescent

City staff said they worked with the Fire Department on the project and surveyed residents who expressed support for adding speed humps, adding that speed humps are “the most effective and cost-effective” traffic calming measure available for two-lane streets. Speed humps on Redwood Ave. also received resident support, but that project will be accomplished in coordination with other projects on the corridor, city staff said.

The speed humps were given the green light at council in unique fashion. One of the seven councilmembers was absent at Tuesday’s meeting and three other councilmembers needed to recuse themselves from the vote due to living within 500 feet of a project site. Since the project needed at least four votes on the council to pass, the three councilmembers who were forced to recuse themselves from voting needed to draw straws in order to tally the fourth vote, per city policy.