Two more retail cannabis storefront businesses permitted in Redwood City

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Two more permits were issued Friday to retail cannabis storefront businesses in Redwood City — Flor Peninsula LLC at 620 El Camino Real and Element 7 Redwood City LLC at 615 Woodside Road, Suite 1, according to the city.

There are now six permitted retail cannabis storefront businesses in the city, the maximum number authorized by the City Council in 2020. City regulations allow the businesses to operate in zoning districts that already permit general retail uses.

The first four permits were issued on March 28 to Juva Retail RWC Inc. at 2301 Broadway; Responsible and Compliant Retail Redwood City LLC at 1870 Broadway; Runway Services Inc. at 928 Whipple Ave; and MMD Redwood City Inc. at 1764 Broadway.

“Cannabis storefront retail businesses are expected to generate between $500,000 to $750,000 in revenue to fund City services in the first full year of operation, by approximately the end of 2023,” the city said. “Combined, the selected six permittees will provide a robust Community Benefits package in their first year of operation, which includes about $800,000 in monetary community contributions annually to a variety of Redwood City groups and organizations and more than 5,000 hours of volunteer service.”

The city allowed cannabis for medical use on a delivery basis starting in 2015.  Since 2019, the city has permitted cannabis non-storefront (delivery) businesses within city limits.

“The city has not experienced complaints or observed an increase related to criminal activity related to these operations,” officials said.