Hillsdale Shopping Center temporarily exhibiting renown artists' live art

Hillsdale Shopping Center temporarily exhibiting renowned artists’ live art

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Murals created by renowned artists during live art shows hosted at the Hillsdale Shopping Center earlier this month will be on temporary display at the shopping center starting this Friday.

Hillsdale Shopping Center collaborated with San Francisco-based Themes and Projects and Texas-founded Artist Uprising, a global network of artists, to create the artwork, which were done by artists David Polk and Charlo.

The murals will be on display at the south end of the shopping center, near H&M.

Polk is an Oakland-based visual artist and graphic designer who moved to the East Bay from Las Cruces, New Mexico, eight years ago. His practice includes illustration, interior and exterior murals, and installation and his works have traveled in exhibitions nationwide.

Charlo is a Denver-based designer, visual artist and muralist who immigrated to the US in 2013. He combines symbols, letters and abstract linear movement to create one-dimensional worlds full of hidden themes and messages and his works are exhibited nationally via garage doors, walls and office buildings.

Photo: An image of David Polka’s art piece, courtesy of Hillsdale Shopping Center.