Redwood City invites community input on regulating firearm retailers in city

Redwood City temporarily bans retail sales of firearms and ammunition

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The City Council of Redwood City has temporarily banned retailers in the city from selling firearms and ammunition.

There are currently no known firearm retailers in Redwood City. But city staff says there has been “recent inquiries” into a new establishment in the city.

On Monday, the City Council placed a 45-day moratorium to enable city staff to research potential regulations on firearm retailers and to conduct community engagement on the issue. Staff expects to request an extension on the moratorium at the Nov. 28 City Council meeting to allow for additional time to seek community input and to review potential zoning changes with the city’s Planning Commission.

Under existing rules, a firearm retail establishment is permitted by right in any Commercial and Mixed-Use Zoning District, “meaning it is considered like any other retail use and allowed without staff or City Council review,” according to the city. Staff notes retail centers are located near parks, schools, homes and religious and community centers.

“The City Council has heard community concerns around gun safety,” Mayor Giselle Hale said in a statement. “The National Institute of Health and Human Development has determined that gun violence is the leading cause of death for children and youth. Over the next several months, we will take the time needed to carefully develop appropriate regulations for such establishments for future City Council consideration.”