Sturken, Howard, and Eakin leading in latest election returns

Sturken, Howard, and Eakin lead in latest election returns

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Today, the County released its latest vote count report. The County Elections Office has so far processed 232,495 ballots and estimates it has approximately 17,000 ballots left to count.

Turnout currently stands at 53.7% countywide and will grow as the remaining ballots are processed.

While it is unclear when the Elections Office will complete processing the remaining votes, it has until December 9 to certify the results.

At the December 12 City Council meeting, the winning candidates will be sworn in, while Mayor Giselle Hale and Councilmember Reddy will depart.

District 2

Chris Sturken significantly expanded his lead among the field of three candidates in the Redwood City Council District 2 race, according to latest election results published by the San Mateo County Elections Office today.

District 2 includes Downtown, Centennial, and portions of Mt. Carmel.

After trailing Housing and Human Concerns Committee Chair Margaret Becker in the days following the election, Planning Commissioner Sturken now leads the field. With 962 votes for Sturken and 933 votes for Becker, 29 votes separate the two candidates. Sturken currently has 40.51% of the votes, while Becker has 39.28%.

The first returns on Election Night showed Sturken approximately 3.5 percent behind Becker. He narrowed the gap in nearly each of the successive returns. While the race remains too close to call, the trend has consistently favored Sturken.

A third candidate, Allison Madden, currently stands at 20.21% with 480 votes.

District 6

District 6 includes portions of Mt. Carmel, Eagle Hill, Roosevelt, and Woodside Plaza.

Councilmember Diane Howard resoundingly won re-election to her seventh council term with 74.96% of the vote. John Madigan, a local pastor, stands at 25.04%.

Madigan has conceded the race.

District 5

Kaia Eakin ran unopposed in District 5, which includes Redwood Oaks and parts of Palm Park. She secured 2,013 votes.