Coyote sightings on Bay Trail prompts advisory in Redwood Shores

Increased coyote sightings reported on Bay Trail in Redwood Shores

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Coyote sightings have increased along the Bay Trail in the Redwood Shores area, particularly near Genoa Drive, according to the City of Redwood City.

“Visitors are advised to proceed with caution or avoid using this trail altogether, especially if walking pets during dawn, dusk, and night hours,” officials said.

In cases of coyote encounters, residents are advised to immediately pick up children and pets and implement hazing strategies, including standing up straight and waving your arms over your head to make yourself as large as possible; making loud noises; directed your voice forcefully at the coyote; being animated; throwoing rocks, sticks, anything you can pick up; and always looking directly at the coyote (never turn your back to it or run away).

Don’t stop hazing until the coyote has left the area, and do not attempt to haze a coyote that is cornered, injured or has pups, according to the advisory.

When walking, carry an item like a stick, golf club, water gun or air horn.

For more information regarding coyote behavior and additional safety tips visit here.