San Mateo closes 3 sports fields on weekends due to reports of large gatherings

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Three San Mateo sports fields were closed last weekend and will remain closed this weekend “due to reports of large gatherings and unauthorized sporting games,” which the city says poses the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The sports fields at King Center Park, Bayside/Joinville Park and Los Prados Park are experiencing weekend closures. The parks, however, remain open during the weekends.

After this weekend, City Manager Drew Corbett said the city will reassess whether to reopen the fields.

“We have had unfortunately some very large gatherings at these athletic fields over the past few weeks prior to the holidays,” Corbett told City Council on Monday. “And we just felt like, with the pandemic being as bad as it is right now, we needed to discourage these gatherings as much as possible.”

The sports fields remain open weekdays.

“Please note, adult pick-up games are not allowed under the state’s Stay Home Order due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission,” the city stated on social media in December. “When the fields are open, only permitted youth sports that have met all safety protocols and passive recreation amongst members of the same household are allowed.”

Photo of Martin Luther King Jr. Park sports field credited to City of San Mateo