Drivers racing on San Mateo Bridge have cars impounded for 30 days

Drivers racing on San Mateo Bridge have cars impounded

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Two drivers caught racing at speeds of up to 105 mph on the San Mateo Bridge over the weekend had their vehicles impounded for 30 days, according to the California Highway Patraol.

A CHP officer was driving westbound from Hayward towards Foster City when he saw a Chevy Camaro and BMW 3 series racing each other at a time when traffic was moving at about 65 mph, the CHP said.

“Both vehicles were using all lanes, making multiple lane changes, cutting vehicles off and almost causing several crashes,” the CHP said.

The officer stopped both vehicles at the end of the bridge and received assistance from an additional unit and a sergeant. The drivers were ages 20 from San Jose and Morgan Hill, respectfully, and each had a female drive with them who are also about 20 years old, the CHP said. One of the driver’s was unlicensed, and both had their vehicles impounded.

“Both drivers were cited and all occupants were given a slow ride off the freeway…in a patrol car of course,” the CHP said.

Photo courtesy of the CHP