Picnic en Blanc Raises Funds for Youth Sports Scholarships

Picnic en Blanc raises funds for youth sports scholarships

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Time to mix a metaphor and add a dash of cliches: The Picnic en Blanc fundraiser of the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat while not letting the cat out of the bag.

As always, this year’s tenth annual party, with a panoramic view from Cañada College in the Redwood City hills, involved complex logistics made even more delicate by the usual need for secrecy.  Part of the fun each year is that the hundreds of guests learn of the location only 48 hours in advance.

Picnic en Blanc (“Picnic in White”) takes its name and concept from the increasingly popular Dîner en Blanc (“Dinner in White”) events, which originated in Paris in 1988. At the first Dîner en Blanc, the host asked friends to meet at a secret outdoor location and wear white so they could recognize one another. Dîner en Blanc parties are now reported to take place in more than 90 cities worldwide.