Jim Kirkland

Jim Kirkland has 61 articles published.

Jim Kirkland is the graphic designer who was responsible for translating the idea for Climate magazine into a high-quality publication when it was introduced more than two years ago, bringing his 40 years’ experience in design, photography and writing to the task of producing a magazine for and about Redwood City. A graduate of San Jose State University who has lived and worked in Redwood City most of his life, Kirkland has had a long career in all aspects of communications and marketing, including branding, advertising, video production, website design and print production. He is deeply involved in the community, volunteering his time and artistic talents to organizations as varied as Kainos, the Sequoia Awards and the Redwood City Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee. An accomplished fine artist, cartoonist and illustrator, as well as an award-winning photographer, Climate’s multi-talented creative director also serves on the board of the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club. He and his wife, Vicki, have two adult children and recently welcomed a granddaughter.
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