‘National Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day’ is Wednesday

‘National Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day’ is Wednesday

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National Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day is Wed. May 3, a time that ushers in National Bike Month during May and encourages students to stroll or roll their way to class tomorrow and beyond.

During Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day, students can either link up with others to choose a healthier means of getting to school—and to avoid the congested auto drop-off/pick-up lines—or they can simply do so themselves.

Local Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs—funded via MTC’s One Bay Area Grant program—are a great way to link up with like-minded walkers and rollers on this special day as they encourage people to leave their cars at home. Some SRTS programs connect with Bay Area bike coalitions and schools to host rides, walking events and related activities to participate in Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day.

A number of these programs also work to make local routes “safer for students to walk, bike, roll, carpool and take transit,” per the MTC.

The MTC underscores that “Short car trips to and from schools make up a big percentage of Bay Area travel—and a big source of the region’s greenhouse gas emissions.” However, families can use the SRTS suggested safe routes to walk, bike or roll and do their part to cut down on the air pollution that otherwise would result from those short car trips.

Participating in National Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day ultimately is a great way to lead by example so that the next gen grows up to follow suit. Find out more about Safe Routes to School in San Mateo County here.

Safe Routes to Schools photo is courtesy of the MTA