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Climate magazine editor Janet McGovern has had a long career writing about Redwood City and San Mateo County, as a newspaper reporter and columnist and as an author of several local history books. She covered Redwood City for many years for the Redwood City Tribune and its successor, the Peninsula Times Tribune, and later drew on that experience and knowledge to collaborate on two local history books about Redwood City: “Redwood City” (2008) and “Redwood City Then and Now” (2010), and one on Menlo Park (2015). She also worked for many years in marketing and communications for the San Mateo County Transit District and is the author of another local history book, “Caltrain and the Peninsula Commute Service.” The Redwood City resident was heavily involved in the 150th anniversary celebration in 2017. She and Climate Creative Director Jim Kirkland contributed their time to the creation of “Redwood City 150,” a 140-page magazine about the city’s history which has been made available to the public as a free memento of the sesquicentennial year.

Local filmmaker releases provocative mini drama

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Redwood City filmmaker Tony Gapastione was profiled in Climate last August, at a time when his short film “Neighbor,” a provocative mini drama about human trafficking, was released. Gapastione entered it in the Silicon Valley Film Festival and “Neighbor” was accepted and shown at local high-tech campuses in mid-December. (Check out for details.) In real life a pastor at Peninsula Covenant Church, Gapastione, 42, is channeling his creative energies into two new productions. One is another indie film, “SELF I.E,” which will debut in February. The story about what happens to a rather shy young girl who composes a glamorous Instagram identity for herself was shot over three days in early November at Canada College, on a SamTrans bus and other local locations. Fundraising is also going on for a feature-length film he’s involved with about a San Francisco man on a mission to help the poor. If you want to see “SELF I.E.” for yourselfie, go to Screenings and other updates will be posted.

Redwood City 150 movie DVDs are available

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Redwood City’s 150th anniversary year may have wound down with the coming of 2018, but the recently released movie about the city’s history isn’t about to turn into a pumpkin.

The 40-minute documentary called “Redwood City: A Voyage of Innovation” had its premiere Dec. 3 at the Fox Theatre. Hundreds of people at the two screenings had an opportunity to see the film, which takes the city’s story from the 1850s to the present. The video was produced for the Redwood City sesquicentennial celebration by Kingston Media.

Copies of the DVD are still available for purchase for $20 each (postage is additional). The film can be ordered online through the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation (


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